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Our Investment Criteria

We are continually adding to our portfolio of large value-add workforce rental housing communities in the following markets:


Cities with Population Growth, High future job growth and Low unemployment rate

Deal Size: 60-300 units, $5-$25M

B-C Class Locations

Value-add opportunities

Target: 15% IRR

Holding period: 3-6 years

Our Investment Process

Gathering Information

We will speak to either the broker or the property owner to discuss about the general information of the property and request for necessary financials that we will use for initial underwriting.

Initial Underwriting

Based on the financial documents submitted from the discovery call, we will be doing an initial underwriting and prepare an initial offer. If a deal meets all of our criteria and we are close to the initial Asking price, we will schedule a call with the Broker or Principal to discuss the offer that we have come up with so far.

Verbal Initial Offer

We will schedule a meeting with the Broker to provide a verbal offer and the assumption we used.
if the broker thinks it worth touring the property, we well schedule a tour with property management team.

Touring and updating underwriting details

The management company team will tour the property and estimate the exterior & interior rehab cost and build a proforma budget. We will use that information to finalize our underwriting and offer.

Submitting a strong offer with non-refundable earnest money

To show that we have the full confidant closing the deal, we will be submitting a strong offer with non-refundable earnest money at signed PSA with an early access DD.

LOI & Early Access & Contract

Once the parties signed the LOI we would sign an early access and work on PSA revisions.
The goal is to finish the rarely access DD while working on the PSA.

Short Due Diligence

In the early access DD will be conducting the physical inspection as well as lease audit and financial DD.

Rising Funds and Closing

Once the DD is over, We will raise funds form our large network of investors and close the deal.